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Seat Belt Use in the Spotlight

The latest data is in from the February traffic blitz across Saskatchewan and SGI is reporting that 400 offences related to seatbelts or car seats were issued. Motorists and passengers are reminded that seatbelts save lives and buckling up should be the first thing you do when entering a vehicle.

In 2016, 25 per cent of vehicle occupants killed in collisions in Saskatchewan were either not buckled up or improperly restrained. In addition to making sure their own seatbelts are fastened, drivers are legally responsible for making sure passengers under the age of 16 are wearing their seatbelts or in the appropriate car seat or booster seat. For each passenger who isnít, it will cost the driver a $175 fine and three points on the Safe Driver Recognition scale. (Unbelted passengers 16 or over are responsible for their own fines).

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