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Safety on the Job in the OHS Spotlight

Echo Lake Farms Ltd. located in the Rural Municipality of Barrier Valley #397, pleaded guilty to one violation of occupational health and safety regulations and was fined $20,000. The company pleaded guilty to contravening subsection 465(2) of the regulations (fail to ensure that no worker works and no equipment or powered mobile equipment is used or operated with the minimum distance from any exposed energized electrical conductor set out in column 1 of Table 22 of the Appendix and did thereby cause a serious injury to a worker). The company was fined $14,285.72 plus a surcharge of $5,714.28 in Wynyard Provincial Court on July 24. Charges date back to an incident on January 18, 2015, near Archerwill. A worker had both hands amputated after a post-pounder made contact with overhead power lines. Anyone working near overhead power lines should always be watchful and aware. Always maintain the minimum distance to keep everyone safe. If you contact a power line, immediately call 310-2220 and stay where you are until help arrives.

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