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Golf Punch Cards Can be Carried Over to the Next Season

Each summer, golfers contact the Consumer Protection Division with a common complaint: they can't get the full value of the punch pass because they didn't use it up before the season ended. Golfers need to know their punch pass can't expire. Golfing punch cards are considered to be pre-paid purchase cards, and are covered under the Gift Card legislation found in The Consumer Protection and Business Practices Act, which means they can't expire, and they retain their value from season to season.

Consumers are reminded to hang on to your golf punch card at the end of season if you haven't redeemed its full value;

Read the fine print; ask what limitations and conditions are on the pass before you buy it;

If the golf course goes out of business or changes ownership, it may be difficult or unlikely to get the value owed on the punch pass.

Image Courtesy of the Province of Saskatchewan.

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