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Cypress Health Region Recruits Physicans for Leader

The Cypress Health Region has been advised that Dr. Monga-N'Dimo Palangi and Dr. Mohd Hoque will be closing their practices in Leader at the end of August. Recruitment efforts are underway and contingency plans are being developed that include the use of locum (visiting) physician coverage. Dr. Satbir Jhand and Nurse Practitioner Mikki Millar will continue to serve as primary care providers in

the community. The Region's priority is to maintain safe, quality health care services for residents of Leader and surrounding areas.

One replacement physician has been successfully recruited pending completion of the Saskatchewan International Physician Practice Assessment program. With successful completion it is anticipated that the candidate would be available to begin practicing in January 2018.

In the interim the Region is working with other rural physicians and locums to continue to provide residents with access to acute and emergency services. Many of the dates between September 1, 2017 and January 2018 have been secured with locum physician services. Minimal disruptions to services are anticipated. The Region remains committed to returning to a full complement of three physicians in Leader and is optimistic that recruitment efforts will be successful. Long-term care services will not be affected.

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