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Companies Fined in Several OHS Cases

Several OHS cases were in provincial court rooms this past week. Meridian Development Corp. of Saskatoon was fined $40,000 with a $16,000 surcharge in Saskatoon Provincial Court on June 14 for contravening subsection 17(1) of the regulations (fail to ensure that all work at a place of employment is sufficiently and competently supervised, resulting in a serious injury to a worker). On March 14, 2016, near Saskatoon, a glass panel fell on top of a worker, resulting in a severe injury to his leg. In an unrelated matter, worker Justin C. Cox of Chatham, Ontario was fined $7,500 with a $3,000 surcharge in Swift Current Provincial Court on June 14, for contravening subsection 139(9) of the regulations (being a worker, before undertaking any maintenance, repairs, tests or adjustments to a machine, other than a power tool, fail to lock out the machine following the process mentioned in clause 139(3)(a), resulting in a serious injury to a worker). Charges stem from an incident on May 23, 2015, near Morse when two workers were exposed to an arc flash which resulted in second degree burns to their hands, arms, upper extremities and faces.

Everyone is responsible to create and maintain a safe and healthy workplace. Typical requirements include ensuring proper supervision and training of workers. For workers, this includes ensuring appropriate precautions are followed when working with machinery.

The Ministry of Labour Relations and Workplace Safety works with employers and workers to eliminate workplace injuries and illnesses through education, inspections and prosecutions.

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