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Chinook School Division Responds to Provincial Budget

On April 10, the 2018-2019 provincial budget was announced in the legislature with a 1.6% increase in operating funds for PreK-12 Education. While the $30M in provincial funding restored by the government is encouraging for the education sector as a whole, Chinook will still face a shortfall as we

develop budget for 2018-19. Chinook's recognized grant of $75.2M is approximately $275,000 less than the previous year. A shortfall was anticipated by the Board and adjustments will need to be made to

move towards balanced budget.

Initial analysis indicates that enrolment growth in other areas of the province consumed the majority of the restored funds and Chinook has not experienced any significant enrolment growth. Director of

Education, Kyle McIntyre, explained that there will be some adjustments to the staffing in schools, In order to balance our budget there will need to be adjustments to our staffing levels in schools. Through our recent consultations with the Chinook focus group, our Chinook Board and the Ministry of Education, we determined that we need to make minor modifications to our staffing formula to get closer to our funded staffing levels. As we continue to receive fewer resources, we will need to apply the formula

adjustments that our Board has recently approved. This will be achieved gradually by our schools over the next two years through natural attrition, such as retirements and resignations.

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