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Budget 2008 Highlights

The provincial budget was tabled yesterday in Regina and though there was plenty of money for the Southwest, not everyone was pleased. Highlights include a guarantee that Highway 32 will be fully repaired within 3 years, $6 million for drought help, funding for capital projects for Maple Creek Composite High School and a 7% increase in revenue sharing for cities. Rural Colleges, on the other hand, received only a 1% increase in funding, while Universities saw an 11% increase. There was also no money allotted in the budget for a long-term health care facility in the Southwest, though Cypress Health CEO Jim Hornell says the health region will continue to lobby the government for such a facility.

For the school board, there are questions left unanswered after this budget. First and foremost, while 1 million dollars was allocated for 'Schools of Opportunity', the criteria for these schools remains undefined. That means schools on the chopping block will have to wait longer to find out if they can stay open. For full details, watch Friday's show.

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